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Reasons for travel to Tijuana Mexico


Good prices and good quality in dental care is important to consider, one other important consideration is location. If you go all the way to India or Singapore or Argentina for a dental procedure, and something goes wrong, it is a long ways to go to have to return and get them to fix it. That is why so many people are now choosing to go somewhere easily accessible from the US, such as Dental Tourism Tijuana, Mexico. Since procedures often require multiple steps, or subsequent checkups, the patient may have to return to the same doctor for those reasons. Or, in the case of dental implants, if the implant is placed in another country but is restored by another doctor locally, the information about the implant can be difficult to retrieve from the original doctor.

For example, in Mexico, many dentists, who are just general practitioners, have taken a course for a couple of months and start placing dental implants. You cannot expect them to do as good a job as someone who has had 2 years of intense training on implants and who is now board certified as a specialist. On the internet, one at least can initiate contact, ask for credentials, references, prices beforehand, and schedule with the clinic to be able to get the work done in the quickest manner, without delays. In this way you can make an informed decision, and choose wisely.

Procedure United States Mexico Hungary Poland India Thailand
Implants, with crown $2990 to $5,000 $990 $1000 $900 $600 $1700
Veneers $800 to 1200 $369 $360 $450 $220 $240
Root canal $699 to $1300 $299 to $329 $60 $150 to $200 $80 $90 to $200
Crowns $750 to $1,000 $299 $285 $280 to $ 800 $80 $210 to $390
Bonding $150 to $300 $70 $70 $60 $25 to $30 $80

Where do people go to Mexico for dentistry?

With the cost of healthcare at an all time high, Americans and Canadians are travelling to Mexico for affordable dental care. Thousands of Americans have been traveling to the Mexico border in search for an inexpensive alternative to the cost of dentistry in the U.S. They often find high quality dentist in Mexico offering dental procedures at significantly cheaper rates when compared to those of local U.S. dentist. , California, borders have become hotspots for Mexican dentistry. Mexican border towns along the Southwest U.S.-Mexico border – such as Tijuana, Rocky Point, San Luis and Juarez – have seen a growth of dental tourism clients. Some of the best and most experienced dentists in Mexico own modern and high tech dental offices in these border towns.

What dental procedures are performed by Mexico dentists?

Mexican border dentists cover a wide range of specialization, including senior dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, dental implantology, root canal therapy, and extreme smile makeover dentistry (full mouth restoration). The most popular dental procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist in Mexico are porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers or Lumineers, teeth whitening, white fillings, dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures secured with implants. Tijuana also offers specialists for sedation dentistry (pain free dentistry), cosmetic dentistry for seniors, TMJ treatment, dental bite balancing, metal-free restorations, periodontics (gum disease), and orthodontics (dental braces).

Why use a dentist in Tijuana Mexico?

The cost of dental procedures in Mexico range between 40%-70% cheaper than U.S. prices. Good dentists in tijuana receive their primary education in Mexico, and often travel to the U.S. to receive US training in their respective specializations. U.S. trained Mexican dentist then apply their skills to teach other qualified dentists in Mexico so as to maintain the high quality dentistry that Americans have come to expect from their U.S. counterparts. In particular, most implant dentists and oral surgeons in Mexico receive their advanced training from US dental schools. To help ease the concerns of their dental patients from outside the country, select Mexican dental clinics even guarantee their work for several years. Dental patients often find English speaking Mexican dentist tijuana. Mexican dental offices tijuana also offer free evaluations, and provide prices estimates that U.S. patients can use to compare to their U.S. dental quotes.

Most dental clinics near the border utilize similar safety techniques as their U.S. counterparts, such as the use of sterile equipment and sanitary water. They use modern equipment such as Panoramic Xrays, Digital Xrays, and intra-oral cameras. For full-mouth reconstruction and dental surgery procedures, clients often have the convenience of receiving major treatments from a team of Mexican specialists in one dental center. It is common to have a root canal specialist, cosmetic specialist, dental implant specialist (implantologist), and dental anesthesiologist team up to work on clients in need of extensive dental treatments.

Many Mexican border dental facilities are able to perform porcelain crowns and veneers in a relatively short period of time, catering to dental clients travelling as far as Canada who stay in hotels in the U.S. side of the border as they wait to finish their dental work. The Mexican clinics are just walking distance from the border and are often close to a major airport. Most people just park their cars on the U.S. side of the border and walk to the dental clinics. With the passport requirement extended by the Department of Homeland security, people can conveniently cross the border back and forth with a valid U.S. I.D. (driver’s license) and proof of citizenship (birth or naturalization certificate).

Travel Tips

San Diego
America’s Finest City, the sun, the beaches, the food, the city nightlife and the zoo.

Mexico’s best kept secret, breathtaking sunsets, relaxing beaches, delicious sea food, and the gentle warmth of the people. The best of two different countries and two different cultures in just one smile vacation.

We think you will find the San Diego / Baja smile vacation a smoothing and relaxing getaway and Baja Oral Center the ideal location for achieving your long-awaited dental goals!

We understand the needs of our out-of-town patients and offer the following information to help you begin planning your visit to the San Diego/Baja area. It’s our pleasure to accommodate our guests by assisting them on their trip; we will help you with the hotel accommodations, restaurant reservations and ground transportations. Our office is within minutes of some of the finest hotels and restaurants south of the border.

If you’re planning to stay more than a day, you can either stay in a hotel in San Ysidro Ca. and cross the border by foot, once across you can take a taxi to our office. Or stay in a hotel in Tijuana; we have hotels that give us a special rates for our patients.

Don’t worry about the language; you’ll see that most people in Tijuana speak English and we have an English speaking staff. It’s better to come on a weekday, there’s a lot less border wait, if you prefer Saturdays try to be here early in the morning, remember the earlier the better and always keep in mind there’s approximately an hour wait at the U.S. border.

Be sure to always schedule your appointment first and ask us for directions. Print out the driving directions from internet web page and if you are a little bit lost you can always call us.

Plan ahead, we’re looking forward towards meeting you.